On the first Sunday of each month, we gather all of the men for a heads-of-households meeting from 1:30-2:30 PM, following our Fellowship Luncheon.  This is not your typical “men’s group,” but rather a time of deep discussion and challenge.  The time is usually divided into two segments.


The first 15-20 minutes of Guardians is used for the elders to communicate any decisions that have been made by the Session, any changes that are coming, or any other general information that the men of the church need to know.   The men are also encouraged to raise any of their own concerns for discussion at this time.


The teaching time is led by one or more of the elders and typically focuses on the challenges of being a godly man and/or how a man is to lead his wife and children.  Although the majority of the time is spent in teaching, the discussion is typically very open, honest, and often spontaneous.  These Guardians meetings serve as a wonderful way for the church to assist the family in godliness and righteousness.