The Lord Jesus has commanded His church to disciple all nations.  For this reason, Redeemer Presbyterian Church has a program we call DiscipleMakers.  We consider this to be a special time for teaching the members and visitors of our church what it means to be a student and follower of Christ.  That’s why we call it DiscipleMakers.

Many churches choose to educate their members in age segregated classrooms, where the specific lesson is geared toward the age group or segment of church.  Adults meet with adults, kids meet with kids, teens with teens, etc.  At RPC, we believe that type of methodology is lacking and the message is diluted when segmented into micro-lessons for each family member.  Like the worship service at RPC, we believe that our “Sunday School” hour should be a corporate event.   We sit together and learn as whole family units.  This allows for a more focused and comprehensive approach to family discipleship and provides fertile grounds for fathers to carry on the teaching throughout the week during times of family devotions.

We meet every Sunday for DiscipleMakers after the morning worship service.