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Acts 1:1-11

The reading from God’s law for this coming Lord’s Day is 1 Thessalonians 5:15. The sermon text is Acts 1:1-11.

1. What were the apostles asking Jesus in verse 6? What did they mean by “restore the kingdom to Israel”?

2. What is the kingdom of God? (v. 3) How do you define it? Is the “kingdom of God” the same thing as the “kingdom of heaven”? Compare Matthew 13:11 with Luke 8:10, Matthew 11:11 with Luke 7:28, and Matthew 19:14 with Luke 18:16 and Mark 10:14-15.

3. What is the timing of the kingdom? When does it start and end? Is it here now or do we expect it to arrive some time in the future?

4. Did Jesus actually answer the apostle’s question? If so, what was His answer?

5. How does your understanding of the kingdom impact your everyday life? Or does it? Or should it?