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Acts Concluded

We will conclude our preaching series through the book of Acts this Sunday. Our text will be Acts 28:11-31. Paul arrived in Rome. He was greeted and encouraged by come Christians. Then he met with some Jews and shared the Gospel with them. Some believed, but many did not. The book of Acts ends with Paul awaiting his trial before emperor Nero.

Is this a fitting ending for the book of Acts? Do you think something happened to Luke that prevented him from completing the book? Or do you think Luke intended to end the book this way?

We’re not told what exactly Paul said to the Jews. Verse 23 simply says that Paul reasoned with them from morning until evening, testifying about the kingdom of God and trying to convince them about Jesus from both the Law of Moses as well as the Prophets.

In what ways may the book of Romans be helpful to our understanding of what Paul probably said to these Jews?

Why did Paul cite Isaiah 6:9-10? To whom did he apply these verses?

In light of the harsh words Paul apples to the Jews, should we conclude that God has forever “divorced” Himself from Israel? (Is 50:1) Is there anything in the Bible that would give us hope that the Jews would someday come to know Jesus as their Messiah?