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Advent: Romans 8:1-4

This will be the third Sunday in Advent. The sermon text will be Romans 8:1-4. The focus will be on verses 3-4.

Here are some questions to help assist you in preparing for this sermon.

1. The word “law” is mentioned several times in these verses. In verse 2, it would appear that two different denotations of the law are listed. There is the “law of the Spirit” and the “law of sin.” Is there a difference between these laws? If so, what’s the difference and what significance does this difference make in the lives of believers and non-believers?

2. Verse 3a states that the law has been weakened by the flesh. What was this mean?

3. Verse 3b states that Jesus was sent into this world in the likeness of sinful flesh. Does this mean that Jesus was born in sin, just like every other person who descended from Adam? If so, then how is it that He is the perfect and spotless lamb? And if not, then why not?

4. Verse 4a tells of the righteous requirements of the law being fulfilled in us. How is this possible? What must a person do in order for the righteous requirements of the law to be fulfilled?

5. What obligation do Christians have to Christ? (see verses 12-13)