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Building A Godly Family

What are the tools that a building contractor uses to construct a house? A hammer? A saw? A level? It would be difficult to build a solid house without these essential tools.

In Proverbs 24:3-4, the Lord identifies three tools that are needed to build a solid house, only He is not really speaking about constructing a physical house. Instead, the Lord is using the metaphor of building a physical house as a way to describe what is necessary for building a solid family. The three “tools” that the Lord says are necessary for building a strong and healthy family are (1) wisdom, (2) understanding, and (3) knowledge.

This Lord’s Day we’re going to set these three tools before us and seek to understand how they function in building a godly gamily. Please consider the following questions as you prepare for this coming sermon.

Define wisdom, understanding, and knowledge? How are these three attributes different from one another?
Verse 4 describes the rooms of a well built house containing precious and pleasant riches. Understanding that this is a metaphor to describe “riches” enjoyed within the context of a godly family, what might these riches be?
Is it possible to “remodel” a house? Suppose a family was built several years ago using the wrong tools; tools such as selfishness, hostility, and anger. Can such a family be “remodeled” by using the tools of wisdom, understanding, and knowledge? If so, what challenges will this family face?
What role does Jesus play in the well-built house? Is it possible for a family to be built with the tools of wisdom, understanding, and knowledge, yet that family doesn’t really know Jesus in a salvific way? As you answer this question, consider the major cults in our society. From outward appearances, some people will say that these cults have strong family values and overall good families. But can this really be true if the cultic family rejects the biblical Jesus of true Christianity?