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This week we’ll also return to our preaching series through the book of Acts. Our sermon text will be Acts 23:12-35. This passages of Scripture describes how 40 Jews, with the blessing of the Sanhedrin, conspired to kill Paul while he travelled to a staged meeting of the council. In God’s providence, He allowed for Paul’s nephew to overhear of this plot and to bring it to the attention of Claudius Lysias, the Roman centurion who had originally arrested Paul.

The rest of our text describes how Claudius sent Paul to Caesarea in order to escape the plot against his life. As you read through this text, understand that this is part of the ongoing battle between God and Satan; that battle which RC Jr. was talking about last Sunday. All the characters described in this text are either: (1) those who are fighting for God, or (2) those who are fighting for Satan.

Consider the ways in which God demonstrates His divine attributes in this text. Look for examples of how God enlists those who are in Satan’s army to fight against Satan, to the benefit of God and His people. We’ll explore these considerations in more detail on Sunday.