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Fragrance of Christ

This coming Lord’s Day we will be celebrating the Second Annual California CPC Picnic at Micke Grove Park. Service begins at 10:30am. Our text will be 2 Corinthians 2:14-17. Here are some questions to help you prepare for the sermon:

What does Paul mean by the phrase “fragrance of Christ”?
Why is this “fragrance” life to some and death to others?
Where does the fragrance come from? How does it become stronger?
What is the difference between “peddling the Word” and speaking with sincerity?
How do we remain encouraged and steadfast if most people respond to the fragrance of Christ as the “aroma of death”?

If you would like to use yesterday’s sermon as a resource for conversation this week, here are some discussion starters:

Why is marriage called a “great mystery”?
How might marriage be considered evangelism?
What truth about the purpose of our lives helps us stay focused in our calling as husbands and wives?
How is the husband to treat his wife? How is the wife to treat her husband?
What are some steps we can take if our marriages do not match what we read in Ephesians 5?