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Gideon Part III

Our sermon text for this coming Lord’s Day will be Judges 7:15-8:3.  This is the climax of what we’ve been examining for the past two weeks.  All the preparation–the testing, the signs, the doubts and insecurities–have been leading up to this point.  Emboldened by the discussion of the dream Gideon overheard while he has eavesdropping on the Midianites’ camp,  Gideon rallies his 300 soldiers to defeat the Midianites.

As you read through this portion of Scripture, take note of how Gideon actually defeats his foe.  What were the primary weapons Gideon and his men used?  In verse 22, we read that “the Lord set every man’s sword against his comrade and against all the army.”  What does this mean?

Notice that once the Midianites flee, Gideon sends messengers to Ephraim (v. 24) to assist him in “capturing the waters” against Midian.  What does this mean, to “capture the waters?”  Was Ephraim part of the original group of soldiers called by Gideon? (6:34-35)

What was the complaint that Ephraim brought against Gideon? (8:1)  How did Gideon appease Ephraim and maintain peace between them?