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God’s Road Signs

We’ve spent nine months in the book of Judges. Now that we’ve completed that book, it’s time to take a little ride and see some other parts of God’s country. We’re going to go on a Road Trip!

Some of the most important components of a road trip are the street signs that are encountered while traveling. These signs tell us where we are or where we’re heading. In the Bible, God has revealed to us that many elements of our surroundings serve as “road signs.” The stars, the rainbow, the sacraments, or even “a baby lying in a manger.”

Over the next several weeks, we’re going to be looking at God’s Road Signs. We’ll begin this series of sermons by looking at the way the “lights in the expanse of the sky” serve as signs.

Our sermon text for this coming Sunday, therefore, is Genesis 1:14-19. Please read this portion of God’s Word and begin to think on how these lights serve as signs to the people of this world.