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Guys’ Night Out in Troas

This Sunday, as we return to our preaching series through the Book of Acts, we’ll pick up where we left off eight weeks ago. The sermon for this Lord’s Day is entitled, “Guys’ Night Out in Troas” and the text is Acts 20:1-16.

A significant portion of our text describes Paul’s travels around the Aegean Sea, going up from Ephesus, over and hrough Macedonia, down to Greece, and then back-tracking all the way to Miletus (which is near Ephesus). There are some interesting details about these travels and I’ll highlight some of those details during the sermon, but the primary focus for the sermon is going to be on verses 7-12.

It occurred to me that what was happening in verse 7-12 was something very similar to what happens when the men of RPC get together for Guys’ Night Out. Not that any of us doze off while those others are speaking, but we enjoy engaging each other in meaningful conversation. This is what Paul was doing with the believers in Troas, hence the sermon title.

As you prepare for this coming Lord’s Day, consider the benefits that accompany Christians who gather together to converse about the things of God. Do you find enjoyment in speaking and hearing about our triune God? How might such activities encourage the body of believers?

There are several indicators in our text that these conversations went on for an extended period of time. Paul obviously had much to say. Please plan to join with the body of believers at RPC this Lord’s Day as we will be considering those things that Paul spoke about.