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I Believe Part III

This coming Lord’s Day we’re going to use Matthew 22:41-46 as our sermon text while we consider the portion of the Apostles’ Creed that affirms Jesus is “our Lord.”


Mathew 22:41-46 describes a dialogue that Jesus had with the Pharisees.  The topic of the dialogue concerned whose son the Christ (Messiah) is.  The Pharisees were quite ready to admit that the Christ is the son of David.  This much was commonly affirmed in the Jewish culture as they understood the “son of David” to mean the Messiah would be a political king who would deliver the Jews from all oppression, including that of the Romans.


Jesus wanted to challenge this idea, since He knew it was ill-founded.  So Jesus asked them a follow up question.  Once the Pharisees affirmed that the Messiah was the son of David, then Jesus quoted from Psalm 110:1 and asked how it is that David calls the Messiah “Lord.”


This was a staggering question to the Pharisees!  They were forced to realize that not only is the Messiah the son of David, but He is much more than that; He is also the “Lord” of David.


The Lordship of Jesus is an important component of our Christian doctrine.  I encourage you to spend some time in contemplation on the subject of Jesus’ Lordship.  Look to see what the Bible says about Jesus being Lord and how that affects you, the church, and our world.