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John 20:1-21:25

The sermon text is John 20:1-21:25. We’ll be looking at three appearances the resurrected Jesus made: (1) Mary in the garden, (2) the eleven disciples in the locked room (which is really two different appearances), and (3) the seven disciples by the Sea of Tiberias.

Here are some questions to assist you in preparing for this sermon.

1. In 20:1-18, notice how Peter & John reacted differently to the empty tomb than Mary Magdalene did. What was commendable about Peter & John’s reaction? What was commendable about Mary’s reaction?

2. Who did Mary initially think Jesus was? When did Mary realize she was speaking to Jesus? What did Jesus say that caused her to recognize Him?

3. What was the emotional state of the disciples who had gathered in the locked room? What was the purpose of Jesus appearing to the disciples in the locked room?

4. What was the purpose of Jesus appearing to the disciples by the Sea of Tiberias? How would you characterize the conversation between Jesus and Peter?

5. Where do you see the restoring work of Jesus being applied to the lives of His people? What assurance and comfort does this provide to you?