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Jude 14-16

The sermon text for this coming Sunday will be Jude 14-16.

Here are some questions and activities to help you prepare for this sermon.

1. If you have not already done so, outline the book of Jude.

2. What section of your outline do verses 14-16 fall into? What is the purpose of these verses in the overall perspective of the book?

3. Who was Enoch? How many years before Jude did Enoch live? Where else in the Bible do we read about Enoch? What is significant about the “death” of Enoch?

4. Where do we read the original prophecy that Jude quotes and attributes to Enoch in verse 14b-15?

5. What is the message of Enoch’s prophecy? If you look for repetitive words in Enoch’s prophecy, do you find any?

6. Who, according to Enoch, is going to execute judgment on the ungodly? When will this judgment occur?