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Judges chapter 9

The sermon text for this coming Lord’s Day will be all of Judges chapter 9.  This portion of Scripture tells the story of Abimelech, one of the sons of Gideon, and how he rose and fell from power in Israel.  Here are a few questions to help inspire some thought and/or dialogue as you prepare for this coming Sunday.


1. What does the name “Abimelech” mean?


2.  What right does Abimelech have to claim the leadership role in Israel?  What does he claim are his qualifications for leading?  What light does Judges 8:23 shed on this issue?


3. From where did Abimelech get his funding and how did he use the money? (see also Judges 8:33)


4. Who was Jotham and what was his role in this chapter? (9:5,7-21, 57)


5. What was the contention between Gaal and Abimelech?  How did this tension resolve itself?


6. How did Abimelech die?