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Malachi 2:10-16

The sermon text for this coming Lord’s Day is Malachi 2:10-16.

Here are a few questions to help you begin studying the passage.

1. Spend a few minutes re-reading the first two chapters of Malachi. What themes or patterns do you see developing in this book?

2. There are two different covenants spoken of in our sermon text. How would you define these two covenants? Who are the parties who entered into these two covenants?

3. Verse 11 describes how the people of Judah intermarried with foreign women. Erza provides us with a parallel account of this sin. Read Ezra 9:6-15. Why was intermarrying with foreign women a sin? Does this support racism is any way?

4. How does God respond to the man who is faithless to his wife? Why does God place such a high regard upon the husband’s attitude towards his wife?