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Deviled Ham

This Sunday, Carl Schroeder will be preaching from be reading Mark 5 1-20, which provides us with the account of our Lord healing the demon-possessed man who is living in the tombs. You might also prepare by reading the parallel account in Luke 8: 26-38. We will be learning about the dangers of falling into sin, which the man in the tombs is a picture of, and the powerful redemption that our Lord provides to all of us. Here are some questions to help you prepare for the sermon:

· In many ways, fallen mankind is pictured perfectly by this man. For example, he has forsaken his home and is living in the “land of the dead” (the tombs), in the same way that Adam left his home in the garden of Eden with all of mankind to live in “the land of death”. Christ has come to save him in the same way he comes to save us. Can you identify any other themes or images in this passage that picture fallen mankind and the redemption of Christ for us?

· How did this man try to fix his problem?

· In what ways was the man different after he was redeemed by the Lord, compared to how he was before he was redeemed?

· Why didn’t the Lord allow this man to travel with him after he was healed? Why do you think the Lord made him stay behind?