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Matthew 21:1-11

The reading from God’s Law will be a responsive reading from Exodus 20:1-17 along with various passages from the epistles.

The sermon text will be Matthew 21:1-11.

Here are some questions to assist you in preparing for this sermon:

1. Are there any differences in detail between the four accounts of Jesus’ triumphal entry? Why do you think each Gospel writer focuses on slightly different things?

2. What prophecies was Jesus fulfilling when He rode into Jerusalem? How did the people interpret His arrival?

3. Is there any historical significance to this day that Jesus enters Jerusalem? What time of year is it?

4. Do you have any clues from the passages to know what the disciples thought of all of these events?

5. Jesus had just spent the day before with Lazarus, Mary, and Martha and during the travel from Jericho to Jerusalem had told the disciples more about His imminent death. What was Jesus thinking about? Do you have any clues from the verses surrounding this passage?

6. The people ask, “Who is this?” What would be your answer?