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Our sermon text for this coming Lord’s Day will be Judges 17:1-13.  This short chapter describes a man named Micah (this is not the same Micah who wrote the book of Micah).  Micah was a man who deviated from God’s prescription of worship and ended up in an apostate religion.  There is much for us to learn in chapters 17 and 18 about cults and apostate religion.

Was Micah a judge or deliverer of Israel?  What is his function in the book of Judges?

What motivated Micah to confess to his mother for having stolen her silver?

When considering the silver image that Micah and his mother had the silversmith make, was this a violation of the first commandment, second commandment, or both?

Why do you think the Holy Spirit inspired the author of Judges to include what is said in verse 6 right after what is said in verse 5?

What Israelite tribe did the Levite come from?  Levi?  Judah?

The ESV states, in verse 12, that Micah “ordained” the Levite as a priest.  The KJV/NKJV says Micah “consecrated” the Levite.  What authority did Micah have to ordain/consecrate the Levite as priest?  In what manner was a Levitical priest normally consecrated?