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The Rainbow

The sermon text for this week is Genesis 8:20-9:17. Since this sermon series is focusing on God’s Road Signs, the specific sign we’ll be looking at this week is that of the rainbow. Here are some preliminary questions to help you prepare for this coming sermon.

1. What natural conditions must exist in order for the rainbow to appear in the sky? From a scientific standpoint, what happens to produce the rainbow?

2. From what we read in our text, is it safe to assume that the rainbow never appeared in the sky prior to God making this covenant? Does that mean God changed the laws of nature, specifically that of light reflection and refraction, at the time Noah exited the ark?

3. Specifically, who did God make this covenant with?

4. Are the promises that God made in 8:21-22 part of the same covenant that is expressed in 9:11?

5. In what ways has the world perverted the sign of the rainbow? How are Christians supposed to respond to this? Is it our duty to actively defend and resist the hijacking of God’s signs? Are we to passively defend and resist the hijacking of God’s signs? Or are we to just ignore the hijacking of God’s signs and let God deal with it as He sees fit?